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Parmod Kumar
Accura was established in 1977. Since then it has been involved in providing
Priyanshi Dixit
Accura was established in 1977. Since then it has been involved in providing

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Priyanshi Dixit

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1. Bird Houses- This is part of the project undertaken by Nature Foundation (India) namely Bring Nature Closer Home- Bird House. We are available with customised bird houses for different birds which if placed in a greener area near our households attracts the birds to come and nest in these without any added labour. This small step can act as a major step towards conservation and protection of the diminishing avian population.
2. Cloth Bags- Nature Foundation (India) has undertaken the project of Say No to Plastic Bags by manufacturing the alternative cloth bags and circulating them in the market along with motivating people to adopt them. The cloth bags are available in 3 sizes in durable material with us.
3. Environmental Badges- These are clay models of various animals or birds which have been a product of various workshops conducted by the organisation in various schools with kids. These are badges which can be stuck on the refrigerator, safe etc. in houses.
4. Calender 2010- This was a product of a workshop with the students studying at our Gyan Kiran Centres. Their drawings were adopted to come up with designs or the background of a Table Top Calender on the theme of 12 festivities of 12 months.
5. Avian Friends of Delhi- This is a reference guide published by the organisation. This gives a brief introduction of the most common birds of Delhi and their eating habits along with reproduction etc.

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